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             LianRun Brand Fast Dissolving Tablet 

            This new generation compound organic chlorine preparation, has broad usage and highly effective sterilization; It dissolves in water, small part organic chlorine sending out in air space or object surface, but the majority detentions in the water, can maintain 2-3 day-long effective concentration in the water, thus achieves stable and strengthened sterilization effect. It kills extinguishes all pathogenic microorganism, like bacillus anthraris, backwoods coli, tuberculosis microorganisms and bacillus tuberculosis, chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungus. Strong ability of Anti-organic matter disturbance; The chlorine content accurate, safe reliable, easy to operate about 500ml/L, the term of validity long (two years), easy storage and convenient transport, the price to inexpensive.
            Application scope: Suitable in the medical machinery, the object surface and things disinfection.

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